Fear is one of the most disabling emotions a human being can experience. It immobilizes people, and often, it ultimately prevents them from going for their goals and dreams. Everyone fears something in life; however, it’s what we do with the fear that distinguishes us from others. When you allow fear to set you back, you lose energy, momentum, and confidence – and your fears will only grow. – Grant Cardone

Why You Have to Start Failing Now and Just Do You

The things we fear the most is always the path to take. This is entirely the opposite of what going through college taught us. Because in college, if you fail, you get whipped!

Often times, we always run away from things we feel terrified of doing. We put it off for the next time. And then put it off some more when we weren’t able to do so at the next moment the opportunity arises. The thing is, fear is not real. It is only an illusion that our minds made up to keep us “safe”. But please ask yourself this. “Safe from what? What will I really lose when I make a mistake?”

Ego is the enemy. The reason why we don’t do the things that scare us is because of ego. We only put out in public the things that would make us look good and hide the reality that we feel inadequate. We like to show that we are better than what we really are, so we only show the side that we are proud of. Hence, there is the little voice inside our head that says we are not good enough. The little voice that we believe which causes us to be passive. And to be honest, you are probably right. You probably aren’t good enough. For now, at least. If public speaking terrifies you, you’re most probably terrible at it. But the thing is; it’s fine. It’s okay not to be a toastmaster speaker. Give yourself the opportunity to get better. Take the next opportunity and do your best. You’re probably going to stutter and screw it up. But please give yourself the chance to do so.

Then keep chipping away at it daily so that the next moment you get, you’ll make fewer errors. Maybe a year from now, you’d be excelling at it. Or maybe not. The important part is progress. As long as you are moving forward, you are winning. Here’s a Chinese proverb that resonated with me really well:

“The master has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried.”

The next time you’re faced with the challenge, will you run away or push through the anxiety? I sincerely hope you do the latter. You never know what you might have missed by letting that opportunity slip by your hands. Try your best to not care about what your peers would think of you. And to be honest, with so many things happening every moment in the world right now, no one would probably care about you and your story. People have their own stuff to worry about. Just do you.

Stop overthinking and just do it!

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