Russ Juson


“It all starts with me,” is Russ Juson’s motto. He believes that to be able to affect others lives, we need to begin with our own.

Born & raised in Davao City, he started working as a janitor/promodizer at Philips Electronics & Lighting. He worked his way up as a Regional Sales Manager and retired at age 35. His achievement of absolute freedom in health, relationships, wealth, and spirituality are all because of his discovery of self-awareness acquired through the seminars.

It has been over 10 years since he has retired, and is now spending his time living his passion in helping others to be a message of hope and prosperity. He is now an international life coach, transformational leadership facilitator, conducting seminars in the US, Canada, and the Asia-Pacific. His advocacy in life is to help as many people as he can to achieve freedom in all aspects of life.

Russ believes that we need to transform our mindset in order to see a change ourselves. Only then will we start behaving differently and therefore, start achieving better results.