Powerful Life Questions That Changed My Life Direction

What would you do now if you were told that you have only 3 months to live? Will you live life differently?

I have taken these questions seriously way back 2007 when everyone around me thought that I was doing perfectly great with my life. Of course, I have mastered the art of putting up a show that I was happy & fulfilled. At that time, I actually felt so empty inside, somehow lost of what I wanted to do with my life. I realised that I forgot about what I want or who I was.

I attended Advance Leadership Course Facilitated by Benjie Leogardo & Besol Lopez (OCCI Global country’s premier in delivering transformational leadership courses). That was my first bite of life coaching. It gave me AWARENESS about what was really going with me. It was a painful process since I have to face my fear of being REAL I was made aware of my dark side believing ” I was not good enough” that made me feel so empty despite of my achievements. That’s why I lived my life in the past pleasing everyone to gain acceptance & not deal with rejections.

After the seminar, I immediately made a choice to live my life differently. I resigned from the company which I worked with for the past 15 years. I did not wait for three months because I know life could end anytime & I don’t want to regret not living life extra ordinary way. I surrendered to what I really want to do & took the biggest risk of starting a new career in Life Coaching & Seminars.
Today, I am so happy that I live a life far beyond what I can imagine living – Blissful abundant purposeful life. Indeed extra ordinary!

If I live life one more day tomorrow, it will already be a bonus for I know I choose to live life choosing greatness.
What if it was your last day today?

Make a CHOICE!

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