Less Is More

In these times, we have an abundance in lavishness. Most of us have more than we need. To my experience, I’ve found that excess decreases the quality of life.

Have you noticed that the average earning person can enjoy more stuff today than the kings and queens of the previous generations? Most people can now enjoy cars, computers, great food, movie houses and other things brought to us by technology. Yet the quality of life of the masses is not ideal. A huge percentage of humans are unhappy, unfulfilled, and even depressed.

Most people acquire things they can’t even afford in hopes that it would impress people they don’t even like. They think buying another car would make them happy. They think buying a bigger house would make them happy. And then work longer hours to pay for those things. Missing out on the things that really matter. Missing out on family time, then wonder why the family is so far apart.
I’ve found that simplifying things means I can cherish and appreciate life more fully.

Cherishing life begins with a mentality. It is a mentality that proclaims that being too busy, having too much, always rushing, and unease isn’t a good thing.

It is the little things that make life more beautiful; a relaxing walk with your dog to the beach, lying on the grass with your romantic partner, reading an inspiring novel in a coffee shop, a good laugh with friends over some wine, a good basketball session with the boys.

While the world offers a lot of beautiful things, it is of utmost importance that we would always be smart with our purchases, because when you think about it, you are not really buying things with money. You are really buying it with time. Time that could probably be spent better somewhere else.

I am not preaching laziness here. I just want you to find the balance and invest your limited time on the things that really matter.
So before purchasing anything, ask yourself this: How much (time) does this thing would really cost me? Is it worth it? You’d know what to do based on the answer to those question.

Be happy and appreciate life more!

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