Coaching Programs

Our training methodology uses structured learning experiences (SLE). We aim to make our sessions lively, dynamic and energizing. Our public programs can be tailored for private company training programs as well.


This 2-day program goes through several belief systems that accumulate over your life that prevent you from taking the right action steps towards your goals. Learn more >


3-day high energy and interactive course designed to help you overcome the destructive belief systems that you have learned during your Discovery. Learn more >


A 3-month program to set up a supportive structure for coaching and mentoring. Learn more >

Coach the Coach

This program is for aspiring coaches and entrepreneurs who want to build a successful coaching practice. Learn more >

Path to Prosperity

Path to Prosperity is a 60 Day Wealth Consciousness Coaching Program. Learn more >

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Private, personal one-on-one coaching and one-to-team coaching.