Our second level program in I AM + Limitless, Breakthrough is a 3-day high energy and interactive course designed to help you overcome the destructive belief systems that you have learned during your Discovery (Level 1). It is filled with exercises and heart-pounding experiences that will help your approach business and life with more clarity.

Like the course title says, you will experience the breakthrough of deeper patterns and personal programs that unconsciously run our lives. We will target specific belief systems and expose detrimental limitations that block you from making committed changes to achieve new rules. We bring to light competing commitments that create self-sabotage to your success.

This course will help develop your leadership qualities, and strengthen team support that influence how you deal with situations in the real world. From peers to colleagues, the shifts you encounter during breakthrough can be instantly applied to your outer environment.

We tap into your natural leadership skills that can help take you to the next level. In personal relationships, health and fitness, career goals, or identifying purpose, this course emphasizes effectiveness and structure when it comes to achieving your goals.

Are you ready to level up? Get ready to Breakthrough!


“[After Breakthrough], I gained confidence and a new lease on life especially understanding others but most importantly myself.”

Patrick, 27, Life Coach

“Problematic relationship? Not a problem, Breakthrough it!”  

Juners, 34, Real Estate Broker, Estate Planner, Financial Wealth Planner, Cycling Instructor, Business Development Head, Financial Wealth Planner

“This is a powerful seminar that breaks barriers and unlocks potential.”

Art, 33, Mining

Seminar Shedules

28 July 2017 - 30 July 2017Friday - Sunday9:00 - 6:003 DaysAvailableI AM + LIMITLESS Office
10 March 2017 -12 March 2017Friday - Sunday9:00 - 6:003 DaysEndedI AM + LIMITLESS Office

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