I AM + LIMITLESS is led by a team of professional life transformation coaches that enable the development of the participants in our trainings. It has been proven that when a person has complete knowledge about him/herself, he/she is powerfully enabled to achieve greatness.

We focus on leadership transformation, bringing to their organization a culture of capability, personal responsibility & excellence.

We focus on developing Life & Wealth coaches through personal growth, health and fitness, productivity, spirituality, and mindfulness training. Whether it may be to attract more wealth, improve your relationships, have a better self-image, or expand your network, we aim to guide people towards wholeness and success.

Based in the Philippines, we have coached teams in the Asia-Pacific region, Canada, and the United States - proving that our process is effective for adult learning, while ensuring retention and effectiveness.


These words are the two most powerful words we can say - for what you say after it becomes your life and your reality.

Anyone who wants to create positive results in their life will initially look for external answers. However, we believe that people must first understand that they create their world.

“I” means it’s personal - it calls us to look at where we must begin i.e. “I make things happen for me”. The solutions one is looking for begins with the “I”, which is the creator of their reality.

“AM” means the present - it calls us to ask the question: “What am I practicing now that creates my reality?” Answering this question is the key to unlocking our role and responsibility for making changes in our lives.


The plus sign represents our belief in adding value. We believe that to add value in other people’s lives, we must first begin adding value to our own.

The moment we have grown and transformed ourselves, we can add more value to others.

If we do not increase our own worth, how can we have enough to help others? We need to fill our cup in order to flow into service.


This is our belief in potential. Once we’ve reached new levels of personal awareness, we start looking at new possibilities of who we could be and achieve.

Whatever you seek to achieve, you will have the inner-knowingness that you can actually accomplish it because you are limitless as how you were created.

We believe in tapping into a higher source and being more than just a creation, becoming a co-creator in this world.

Meet the Team

Our coaching team is composed of a diverse set of professionals who continuously strive to create extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives.

Russ Juson


International life coach, transformational leadership facilitator.


Gina Katigbak


AVP for Business Planning/Operations Support at SM Supermalls.


Jon Herrera


Visionary, entrepreneur, serial investor, and transformative life and business coach.


Past Clients

Ayala Land